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Saudi Companies and Social Responsibility:

Challenges and ways forward

This study looks at the relationship between business and society in Saudi Arabia using the language of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We use CSR language to emphasise the proactive nature on the part of companies to address the social consequences of their activities and contribute to development needs. The underlying rationale is not only normative but also economic as evidence shows that the long-term health of both business and society are intertwined.


The Evolution of CSR in Saudi Arabia:

The changing landscape

Around the globe, governments and other development actors are increasingly realizing that the private sector can and should be an inclusive partner in national development. Business likewise are taking more responsibility for the impact of their activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, and other relevant stakeholders


The Saudi Respoinsible Competitiveness Index

This report is the product of the joint efforts of many individuals and organizations.
On behalf of the SARCI team, we would like to acknowledge the strong leadership of the 40 participating companies, reflected through a high level of consciousness on the need to enhance responsible business practices in the Kingdom. The high level of cooperation among top executives and team leaders provided the SARCI team with genuine information and resources that established the foundation of our analysis and findings. We sincerely hope that the outcomes highlighted in the report set the base for a Responsible Competitiveness Agenda as a joint partnership between the private and public sectors in Saudi Arabia.


Apr 2011- Jun 2011

Newsletter, Apr 2011 - Jan 2011

The concept of CSR is slowly gaining popularity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia so Is the interest of companies to make their CR achievements known to the general public and their stakeholders. The Kingdom has witnessed three companies issuing Corporate Responsibility reports to date and with each report the strength of CR argument gains more ground…


Jan 2011- Mar 2011

Newsletter, Jan 2011 - Mar 2011

As I write this I recognize that recently there has been a strong governmental buy-in to the concepts of corporate citizenship and sustainable development in the region. However, our challenge, as the experts on sustainable development over the next few years, is two pronged; to encourage companies to truly embed sustainability into every aspect of strategy and decision-making and to support our government to take more concrete steps towards mobilizing the corporate sector in strategically…


Aug 2010- Oct 2010

Newsletter, Aug 2010- Oct 2010

As Corporate Responsibility (CR) continues to spread, more and more companies across Saudi Arabia are engaging in CR programs and initiatives. Considering budgets companiesinvest in social initiatives, it is crucial to direct and channel these budgets to ensure impact on national development challenges and the company’s overall performance. Thus,we are talking about bringing two agendas together to achieve national development: the corporate agenda and the
Government agenda.


Apr 2010- Jun 2010

Newsletter, Apr 2010- Jun 2010

Continuing in our effort to provide you with updated information about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)and related topics, I am delighted to present Tamkeen Sustainability Advisors’ second circulated newsletter.This issue examines the link between Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance and howmore and more companies, release of our second nationwide…


Feb 2010- Mar 2010

Newsletter, Feb 2010- Mar 2010

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Tamkeen Sustainability Advisors’ first circulated newsletter.
In this newsletter, we hope to provide you with national and regional information about CSR in relation tothe business climate, and introduce you to the newest achievements and advancements within the field.