Moving Business Forward

Tamkeen (CSR) was first launched in 2006 in KSA to enable both corporate and public sectors employ their resources to achieve sustainable development and corporate growth.

Tamkeen (CSR) (operating under the legal umbrella of Tamkeen International) is the first Saudi company specialized in providing CSR consultancy and services to both private and public sectors in KSA.

Without addressing both national development challenges and corporate concerns, CSR would remain ad hoc community service and wasted investment and effort. This is where we fit in. Tamkeen (CSR) provides expert services that help businesses raise their corporate profile, build their reputation and reach business objectives.

We at Tamkeen (CSR) are very passionate about integrating sustainability and business. We are fully aware that forward thinking businesses that adopt sustainability outdo competition by becoming more adaptive and innovative in their products and services. Our expert team has the experience and skills to generate data-driven results, and help businesses throughout the intricacies of becoming more sustainable.

Tamkeen (CSR) joins together a team of catalysts from different international and national expertise dedicated to assist companies in ceasing opportunities and enhancing their competitive edge while setting solutions for national development challenges.

The name Tamkeen is derived from the Arabic verb "to enable" and "empower".

Hence the name, “Tamkeen Sustainability Advisors” we enable our clients through offering corporate sustainability and responsibility advisory, training, solutions, and responsible communication services.