Moving Business Forward

Today, governments around the world are no longer able to grant prosperity and security to their communities without efficiently engaging the corporate sector which plays a leading role in addressing key development issues such as unemployment, economic growth and productivity, job creation, poverty reduction, etc.; issues that are key for national security, and societal prosperity and wellbeing.

In order to change the corporate engagement rhetoric into operational reality, there is a need to create the knowledge, the toolbox for strategic public & private engagement, and most importantly create an enabling environment for the private sector to have an active role in development, while achieving sustainable growth and guaranteeing continuous access to business. Companies cannot and will not continue engaging and investing in CSR projects without a measureable return on investment, which among are the ability to attract and retain talents, continuous access to resources, new markets, enhancing competitiveness,etc.

This is what we define as strategic CSR. It is the integrated corporate approach to sustainability; creating shared impact across the board.