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Our advisory team uses international and local knowledge to help you develop your CSR strategy and action plan, embedding it in your overall corporate strategy, institutionalizing it across all your departments. Our services cover the following: 

  • CSR Assessment: Assessment report capturing the readiness and level of sustainability in the company based on its actual practices and level of stakeholder engagement along with recommended actions toward best practices 
  • CSR Strategy: Developing the CSR Strategy incorporated within the overall company strategy to be implemented across the board. The team follows its tailor-made methodology in developing CSR strategies to include the following steps:

          Assessment & Gap Analysis
          Stakeholder Identification & Engagement
          CSR Strategic direction setting
          Operational Strategy Development (making the strategy work)
  • Operational Strategy Development: CSR Actionplan whereby the team defines the milestones to achieve the strategy with clear steps, delegated responsibilities, and clear reporting system
  • Company's CSR handbook: The CSR handbook is the company's CSR reference where the vision and mission are explained and linked to the overall business objectives. It defines the priorities for the stakeholders, CSR focus areas, and how this can be achieved through each department 
  • Departmental CSR / CS Manual: manual reflecting CSR strategy by department 
  • CSR Policies and Incentives Scheme for employees